The Vision

UKThere are 65 million people in the UK and Ireland. The vast majority of these people know nothing about Jesus.

MissionBritain exists to mobilise Pioneers and Teams to multiply disciples, churches and leaders until there is no place left in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales where Jesus is not known.

We’re looking to grow Church Planting Teams in the 12 regions of the UK/Ireland and to mobilise an army of Travelling workers

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21st Century Travelling Workers

In a Movement, People Move… Despite the recent raft of books, conferences and articles on Movements there is surprisingly little on the role of Travel and Travelling Workers… Surely for there to be more Movemental Churches…there needs to be more people…well, willing to move…becoming less stationary…not necessarily everyone…but a whole lot more than what we… Read more »

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2017 MissionXP Dates

Join a MissionXP this year: – Learn how to pray for unreached people groups and places – Find new levels of boldness in sharing the Gospel and evangelism – Learn how to find people of peace and plant simple communities that can multiply – Experience being part of a PioneerMission team for the week! There… Read more »

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New disciple baptised in Somerset river #MissionSomerset #MissionBritain

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